- 2013 Challenges

2013 is ending with me moving halfway across the country (only planned as of July!) so I've suddenly got all my paper books going into storage. This means that suddenly I have a lot of them I want to read and all my challenges get put on pause. (I still think I can make the 70 books by Dec. number of books challenge.) But I'll just continue those challenges into the next year.


Also I'm one of those group members that tends to lurk. I'm bad about participating, but I do love reading over the comments and finding more books to add to my To Read pile.



GR Group: Classics Without All the Class

Challenge: A-Z Author Challenge, 2013


1. Read: 26 books
2.Nothing published after 2003. Please feel free to ask if you are unsure if a book falls under the category of "classic." This can be an especially difficult issue for contemporary classics.
3. No children's novels
4. No non-fiction
5. No poetry
6. No dramas (plays) - even Shakespeare
7. You may NOT repeat any author.
8. Any name with an "X" or a "Q" in them will work for those letters. (The name does not have to begin with an X or a Q.)
9. Books must have been read in 2013.



My books are here but I wanted a copy of the list here to keep track of.


The hardest thing for me to manage in this challenge is that I adore nonfiction and history, but none of those count in this. But happily I do have a long list of classics I've been meaning to read.

X = finished reading and review written


My list:


A - Alexandre Dumas - Celebrated Crimes (in progress, 8 vol. in one so this'll take a while)
B - Djuna Barnes - Nightwood X
C - Carson McCullers - Reflections in a Golden Eye X
D - Daniel Defoe - Journal of the Plague Year
E - Emile Gaboriau - Monsieur Lecoq X
F - R. Austin Freeman - The Vanishing Man X
G - G. K. Chesterton - The Man Who Knew Too Much X
H - Dashiell Hammett - The Maltese Falcon X
I - Italo Calvino - The Castle of Crossed Destinies X
J - Jane Austen - Lady Susan
K - Julia Kavanagh -
L - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu -
M - F. Marion Crawford - The Witch Of Prague
N - Nathanael West - Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the Locust X
O - Oscar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost (reread) X
P - Edgar Allen Poe - The Murders in the Rue Morgue: The Dupin Tales
Q - JacQues Futrelle - Elusive Isabel
R - Robert Louis Stevenson -
S - Mary Shelley - The Last Man
T - Mark Twain - Diary of Adam and Eve (reread) X
U - Upton Sinclair - The Moneychangers
V - Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Days X
W - Wilkie Collins - Woman in White X
X - Gaston LerouX -
Y - Charlotte Mary Yonge - The Heir of Redclyffe
Z - Emile Zola -




GR Group: Into the Forrest

Challenge: 2013 Challenge


Read one book of each type.

1. Read a traditional collection of tales. (Andersen, Grimm, Lang etc. Collections edited by Zipes would also count).
2. Read a collection of tales from China
3. Read a dark retelling of a fairy tale.
4. Read a book that combines or uses several different fairy tales.
5. Read a Celtic collection of tales.
6. Read a collection of Nordic tales.
7. Read a themed collection (be it original or short stories).
8. Read a retelling from the villain’s point of view.
9. Read a collection of tales from Central or South America.
10. Read a collection of French tales.
11. Read a collection of Italian tales.
12. Read a fairy tale that you are not familiar with and then read a retelling or critical look at said tale.


My List:


1) Andrew Lang's Red Fairy Book

7) Captured by Fairies: Folk Tales of Kidnappings by Michelle McLaughlin

10) French Folktales by Henri Pourrat