Goodreads Question on Shelving Books

So I once thought that if you just shelved a book at Goodreads, it was just that book on a shelf, no review space. I did this the way I always have with Hale's book - put it on my shelf to remind me books/authors to stay away from. I even have the shelf set so that those books can't be placed on other shelves. (Or at least that was the way that designation used to be defined, so I suppose I have to recheck that too.)


I'm used to people liking how I shelf something because it'd show up in my timeline/page/whatever we call that on GR because I now forget all their terms. But now I find that I actually have a blank review under Hale's book:


Did it always do this and I've never realized it? (This is soooo completely possible.) I thought that there was only a review page created if I actually clicked through. Again, it's been over a year since I posted a review over there, so I suppose I could have been doing this all along. Except that I do remember having to make a review page for books I'd also not ranked in any other way - but maybe that blank page has always been there. (Of course I've now been doodling about in other book social media setups so, yeah, could totally be forgetting.)


Oh and I never put stars on things on that shelf. Confession: I've been a fangirl of those of you who do use one stars to discuss...problematic books and authors. Because I'm a very quiet, private person (who's always worked very hard at pretending I'm an extrovert - I'm getting over doing that though) the worst thing in the world for me would be the kind of negative attention from authors that we've seen happen. Even putting them unrated on a shelf took a lot of effort for me. (Part of getting over it is saying hey, I'm quiet. And getting used to that being not a bad thing.)


So the question: is there any way to remove that as a review page? (I didn't see it in the edit mode.)


Is there now a setting that I have to tweak to keep books shelves from having a page like this? I'm betting I'll have to go do this with all my shelved books now, but then I've been meaning to go delete all my reviews on GR anyway. I haven't wanted to make the time because you know, that'd cut into my reading time.