REBLOG: Disclaimer/Product warning - and My New Disclosure

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How about this as a disclaimer on all of my reviews from here on out:


Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed my review, whether it was positive or negative. In the interest of transparency, you should know that I am not actually an owl, in spite of fact that my avatar (usually) shows a picture of one. Also, I frequently read during the day, and under conditions that include various sorts of incandescent and fluorescent lighting.


Warning: I write reviews for fun. I claim no special expertise in books or reviewing, and this review is not intended to represent the opinion of anyone other than myself. Should my review infuriate, or otherwise inflame your passions, I find that chocolate usually helps. If you decide to stalk me, I will help you out. I live on an acre in rural Oregon, I have dogs, and myself and most of my neighbors are armed. With guns. Because, you know, redneck Americans. Creeping around in my neighborhood is like to get you shot. Thanks!



batgrl commentary:


I think I'm actually going to state that I AM my avatar!


In the interests of disclosure, I am actually a statue in a graveyard outside New Orleans, where you may visit me. I'm over 120 years old. My bias will always be in favor of the dead, the undead, and any variations of that. Perhaps even the living. I'm somewhat uncertain, being an inanimate object and all.


Also having lived for some years in the "deep South" of the United States I also am aghast at the idea of traipsing around someone's yard uninvited. Seriously you do NOT do that. Especially in the more rural areas of the country, though this holds true for suburbs as well - you can NOT know who will take offense. Because people will indeed take offense and and wave firearms at you, if not fire them. (If you're lucky they know what a "warning shot" is.) And you will not be able to tell which folk might do this from their appearance or the appearance of their homes, cars, etc. So no one wanders into strangers' yards because of this. (I have a feeling this holds true for much of the US, and not just the South where there's a lot of people very verbal about their feelings on guns.)