So this is me messing with my camera phone, trying to see what photos booklikes accepts. This is an entirely unthrilling box of oatmeal, only amusing because we Americans will put bacon bits in anything. And this was how much I had to crop the photo before it accepted it.


And the annoying thing for me is that none of my photo editing apps show me the file sizes of the jpgs. Must do some twiddling to see that - and it will mean digging around every time I want to post something. (I'm on android if anyone wants to suggest something.)


Of course, they haven't announced this, and since they HAVE to tell us something I'm hoping we'll get an update soonish. Or maybe this is a bug? In any case, it's silly to even have the option of adding multiple photos of various file kinds when you have no idea what the size limit actually is. I'm hoping someone switched something on/off without realizing it.


Since in the midst of a packing fest, let me know what they figure out? I'll be only able to peek in here randomly, as batteries allow tomorrow.


...Also I didn't actually buy that oatmeal. I am indeed a person who will take photos in the grocery store though, and giggle over oatmeal.