And Again, Temptation Wins! But Not a Book This Time

I am apparently no match for the word sale if the item is something I've already considered buying. I had already decided that there's a whole list of things that are useful and practical that I actually did need (and a chunk of dull quality of life stuff that I have no choice on), and I thought I was totally safe after I'd gone shopping for them. (Also I adore portable storage drives. I want to name and hug them.)


Then (US store) Amazon made Dragon's Age Inquisition it's daily deal. (Which may be over soon, just saying.) Bah. I'd already decided that, since I haven't started the second game in the series (bought on sale last year) that I was going to be good and replay the first, then the second, and then - months from now when the prices were lower - I'd get DAI. These are story oriented games and while you can skip one, it's just like missing the volume of a book series. Completionists out there should understand what that's like. (On the plus side, the games do really stand alone, though there will be characters you'll know from the other games - you won't miss a huge amount if you don't know them yet. I can always get around to playing the others.)


Then Amazon puts it on sale for almost $20 less. Which is apparently just enough to alert my impulse-buy response. And then I make the mistake of watching some video streams of other people playing. And I notice dying looks a lot less punishing. (I'm really good at dying. And I really hate when my companions make sad noises when they die.) And then I start talking myself into buying it. (It wasn't hard. You may have guessed this.)


So now I have moving to finalize (this happens in Jan. I think, you'll hear more then) and oodles of errands around that, books to read before I leave them, and now this game which I'll not be able to play after I move - at least for a bit. Because I'll be on a different, ancient not-a-gaming-computer for a while in January. Which will be interesting because I spend a chunk of my entertainment time on gaming, when I'm not reading.


So I foresee that I will next post a Reading in Progress which might have to include a "oh and I recently had to explore/kill/chat with" update too. But hey, I needed a Christmas gift!


Meanwhile I foresee there being more book sales now. Will be fun to see what I'll resist!