Amazon Random Ebook Sale Alert! (Probably US Only)

No particular links at the moment - because between midnight last night and just now I've got 49 58 emails from eReaderIQ. Since many of the sale prices are around 99 cents - sigh, I'm going to buy books today. 


Annoyingly I forgot about this Sale Season thing and splurged on getting the Lord of the Rings Trilogy earlier this week since the three separate books were on sale. And today the "all three in one" is one sale for less. Sigh. (I'll be happier with them separate, I'm sure. But still, my sale was not a sale.)


So I'll be culling through the ones that I'm actually going to buy today - later. I'm hoping in the meantime some will go away and I can not be weak. I'll link to some of them later when I get some time (I'd usually link all - but geez, 50+?!). In the meantime go browse.


Oh here was one odd thing about Amazon. They have this Daily Deals page, right? Here's the link I use, just so you can see what I'm saying. In the area where various genres are linked there used to be one for History. It's gone now (has been for a while). The Biographies and Memoirs section is still there, but a chunk of the stuff I get is from the history section. There are still sales, you'll just not find them easily via Amazon. And again I think it's so completely weird that I have to have this third party website email me for sales at Amazon, when I have many of the books on a wishlist on their site.