Reading in Progress: How to Care for Your Monster - A Moment Of Squee

How to Care for Your Monster - Norman Bridwell

So I just posted about this book here. And I figured I'd dig a bit more on google (translation: read more than the first page of results), and what do you know:


How to Care for Your Monster at Open Library


Currently checked out to me. I am grinning like a fool. Heh.


However this day is getting too weird. Good news via email on real world related stuff, 50+ ebook sale alerts (99 cent sales many of them, yes will link later) I need to root through, and now I'm reunited with a childhood friend/book. I'm not a pessimist really, just one of those people who always worries a bit when suddenly too many nice things happen. Because I've seen way too many movies and read way too many books - and so a part of my brain is always saying "ah, but that's what happens right before the sudden plot twist!" (My brain and I have further discussions on this. It's mostly amusing since I'm good now at telling it that it's worrying too much.)


Happily since the trend is taking me into the world of Norman Bridwell, the twist should be that there were nice monsters that have been secretly living next door this whole time and we'll now plan fun social events together. Or perhaps a giant dog will accidentally sit on my Honda Fit and crush it (wouldn't be difficult, the car is tiny), and there will be momentary sorrow but it'll all work out in the end. Everyone laughs and end scene.


Actually I could deal with either of those scenarios quite happily.


Also I do love Open Library. Seriously, so much good stuff there, especially handy for some out of print books. Add it to your book search links because you never know when it'll be useful, or a fun surprise.


The book's only 64 pages so I'll return it and post a review tomorrow. In case anyone else wants to read it too.


And thanks again, Norman Bridwell.