Reading in Progress: True Detective Stories from the archives of the Pinkertons, and some unrelated Lucy Worsley

True Detective Stories - Cleveland Moffett

Because I'm still fighting the lack of space on my ereader I really have to get in there and toss some of the odds and ends I've collected but still haven't read. This is one of three ebooks on the Pinkerton detectives, which were published in the 1800s. Since I've read some parts of these online I can assure you it's not a thrill a minute, despite lines like:


p 18: "The story told by Evens is one of the most remarkable in the history of crime."

But if you want to peek into a few pages, here's the book on Internet Archive (read online or download):


True Detective Stories from the Archives of the Pinkertons (1897)


Thanks to a great heads up from Degrees of Affection, I listened to Radio 4's interview of Lucy Worsley's reading her diary entries - I loved the bit about her rock collection as a teen. It took until I got into college to find out that other kids did this too. (Not many girls did this in books, or the books I found on geology anyway.) I also loved that "going wild" for her meant "indulging in popular culture." There's also a great moment of how her dad was very wrong about her history degree. Also enough dullness to make me think that my own teenage diaries are probably really typical too. (I've only looked at them once because ugh, soooo tedious!)


Wikipedia: Lucy Worsley

Her website: Lucy Worsley


In theory you can watch Worsley's Tales from the Royal Bedchamber on PBS online but I'm having an awful time getting it to load. (Preview only on youtube here.)