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Batgrl commentary:


I like the quote, but as usual my mind took this idea and ran amok*:


Unreal books are barely visible, and hover over your bed while you sleep, hinting that they're much better than anything you currently own and are reading.


Surreal books try to convince you that all the couch pillows are marshmallows and the refrigerator is actually a doorway to a parallel universe. Also something about bananas, because it's always something about bananas.


Hyper-real books make you certain that they describe real life better than reality, and thus make you question whether you are actually living in reality or inside someone else's book. (These are books best avoided, for obvious reasons.)




*I was so sure that was spelled amuck. Which is odd because you'd have thought I'd have grasped the correct spelling from that one Trek episode. Or the scene in Hocus Pocus.