Netflix: Absorbed by the 80s PBS Flashback Bingewatch!

Somewhere online I read the list of "expiring on Netflix" on the first of Feb, and so I had to watch the first season of Red Dwarf. Which was great, and then I had to watch some classic Doctor Who because that was also something I was watching on PBS in the 80s. (I am SO incredibly happy that we had someone weird in the midwestern PBS station that decided it was critical to show multiple seasons of both shows on weekends. I lived to watch both. I've always been one of those kids who never had much socializing to do on weekends - but that's when the weird tv is on anyway. Like monster movies, and eventually MST3K.)


Anyway, I just watched The Ark in Space (1975, Tom Baker) - which is SO worth it for the monsters made with bubble wrap. (You can see a photo on that linked wikipedia page.) Half the fun of this era of Who has to do with trying to figure out what the props and monsters are made of - you can really spot where the budgets were low! And I think that's why I loved the shows so much. (If you've not watched any classic Who I should warn you that these shows aren't quickly paced - but then that's also 1970s tv for you.)


Currently watching: Pyramids of Mars (1975, Baker) - Egyptian gods, mummy robots, and the setting is a mansion once owned by Mick Jagger in the Hampshire countryside. This is one that I watched multiple times in the 80s because it was air'd more than once.


Originally I had productive plans for today too...


Quotes from Pyramids:

The Doctor: (says something incomprehensible)

Other Character: ....I see...

The Doctor: I'm sure you don't, but it is nice of you to try!

I had forgotten how often the Doctor in this era ends up unconscious.

Doctor: (waking up after being unconscious) Where are we?

Sarah Jane: Hiding!

Doctor Where?

Other Character: A priest hole.

Doctor: In a Victorian Gothic folly? Nonsense!

Sarah Jane: You're so pedantic - at a time like this - doesn't matter!


This one I really remember (it helped that I was an Egyptology geek) about the Osirians:

Doctor: They had dome-shaped heads and cerebellums like spiral staircases.

I then spent a long time imagining what a spiral-brain would look like.