Random Links and Video Game Question!

Some links of the usual sort - what I've been reading online here and there, and that don't have much to do with each other:


Losing the Internet You Grew Up With

The Atlantic, Julie Beck, Feb 10 2015,

This caught my eye because there was a lot of weird stuff online that's not really documented in any way. Less of a problem for me, only because the stuff I get nostalgic over I can always find. Like Red Dwarf episode guide or MST3K quote lists.


All My Blogs Are Dead: “Most of the media outlets I’ve written for have folded and then were flat-out deleted.”

The Awl, Carter Maness, February 2, 2015

Once I would have been head-scratching over this because I haven't known any writers who wouldn't have backups of their work, especially because you often need to pass on a physical copy/portfolio/sample to someone to look through. (If not on paper, then a thumb drive.) But then I remembered that things have changed - now you refer to a whole body of work that can be hundreds of entries if you blog, and employers can look at your productivity and proof of online publication, not just your writing. Keeping all of that on your own website does require money and site maintenance, and that's just what young authors don't have in excess. (Though if it were me? I'd be backing everything up on a separate storage device, just to have my own copy.)


Channing Tatum Could Have Been A Lot More Furry In Jupiter Ascending

io9, Meredith Woerner, Feb 10, 2015

If you love looking at concept art for futuristic films, this is worth a glance. I can't help but think how much makeup time that wolfier look would take. Also the some of the suits remind me a bit of Dune (film) and SWTOR (video game). Still need to make time to go see this (argh, no time!).


10 Essential Movie Novelizations

IGN, Mark Stay, Feb 12, 2015

Anything that's a list with the word essential probably isn't - but I can't help looking at this sort of thing because I have a fascination with books of movies and vice versa. But! Fun part here is that the author is giving his picks and he writes about the "Key Differences" in the book versus the film. My reaction to the info that Scholastic had published a book of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was "awwww" - I loved Scholastic books, and that movie in particular. It's the only film I've seen at a theatre five times. You know, back in the days when you wouldn't be sure if you'd ever see a film again once it left the theatres. (Now having one of my "I do love living in this time period" moments.)


Computer Question and Bit of Life Update

Q: Can anyone recommend a laptop computer that's good for video games? Something with a lot of processing power and umph. I'd wistfully love to have something that could run Skyrim, etc. but will settle for less if that's not reality. Otherwise I'll be using it for watching video, tv, and everything else. (So far I'm looking at various Acer models.)


The hard thing with googling this is that everyone in forums immediately says "get a tower, don't waste your money." Except I can't travel with a tower and I need something that's mobile. I have a tower. It's a PIA to move, won't fit in a carry on bag, and if I ship it once I'll end up shipping it back again later. So laptop it is.


Also this is a lead in to the fact that I'm finally moving and starting a job that's been in the works for like 5 mos now, whew. Just FYI, in case I suddenly seem quieter than usual. Hard part: paring down my current paper books to about 5 to take with me for the moment. Yes I have hundreds on my ereader, but you have to have some paper ones. Otherwise the apartment can't feel home-like.


Oh and I'm moving from a place where it's been in the 60s-70s lately to a place where there's snow. I foresee that I will whine about this, since I will be doing a commute that involves walking a bit. People who have long lived in snowy lands may feel free to giggle!