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Amphibious Thing: The Life of Lord Hervey - Lucy Moore

Hey, I posted about buying this book back in December here! It didn't come in ebook version then, but I'm not too bothered about this - I was curious enough about the biography and the used book was cheap. So sale link first, then more on the book, which I finished and of course haven't reviewed yet.


Amphibious Thing: The Life of Lord Hervey [Kindle Edition]

Lucy Moore (Author)

0.00 - yes, free!


This is a scholarly book, and not as readable as the other book I refer to, Worsley's The Courtiers. All the information is via letters (lots of quotes from those) and period documents, so where we don't have all the facts there will seem to be unanswered questions (normal for history, of course). It's also one of the few books to discuss the life of someone who was bisexual during this time period (early 1700s), and - for the era - somewhat open about it. Hervey's not a nice person, but you also don't hear as much about how not-nice he was to his wife as I'd thought. (Read quote in my previous post.) Which is again why I'll continue to look into a biography on her. (Not that I think she's without flaws - soooo many people in this group of courtiers were insanely self-centered people.)


Anyway, free, but don't worry if it ends up being something you don't want to read all of. This is however perfect fodder for someone who wants to write up a love triangle story with historical basis. Frankly I felt badly for both Hervey's wife and lovers. I will eventually spill more detail in the review hopefully.


Now, back to moving-prep fun! It is amazing how much patience getting through this sort of thing requires, ugh. I'd SO rather be reading.