Book Related, Because It's What's Keeping Me From Reading

Part of the fun is that I'm moving from someplace that was around 60 degrees (F) today to someplace that was around 18 degrees today. I've lived in this area before - but that just means I know the shock that I'm in for. So I set out to see if I couldn't get a few more clothes - specifically clothes I could add to the layers I plan to wear.


But I forgot two things:


1) It's February. Clothing stores have already put away winter things and have set out spring clothing. Because of course all we want to buy now is spring clothing!

(This happens every year, yet it's so silly I keep forgetting it. You can live anywhere in the US, even places knee deep in snow, and this is still an issue. Even though I've worked for a clothing buyer for a dept store and know why this is the way things are - it still annoys me.)


2) Because I currently live in a place where 40 degrees is considered a cold snap, winter clothing here is not really what someone living in a snowy climate would call wintery. Sweaters and coats aren't very thick, and are mostly worn for a couple of months tops.


I did drop by the hiking store, but was too cheap to spend $70-$100 on thermal undershirts. (I'll go online for something cheaper.) But now I'm good with socks and gloves. I passed on buying a balaclava and may regret that - but I just can't help but feel like I'll look creepy all masked like that. ...Which seems silly because my alternative is to be wrapped in multiple scarves like a human ball of yarn.


And now back to work. Time to dig around in my closet and see if I've missed anything. (I bet I'll find more books I'll be tempted to pack.)