And now, another move!

So far the steps have been:

1) Move from one state to another one, in an eastish direction.

2) Get settled in the job and get apartment, while crashing with friends.

And now it's

3) moving in to the apartment. This weekend! Which means

-dramatic music-

I'm about to be without internet. For a week.

-intense dramatic music with suggestion of horror!-

Not that I won't be reading booklikes - I'll just be reading on my phone. Which I type on soooo slowly that well, I'll probably not comment much.


On the up side I have all my recent Humble Bundle comics downloaded onto my laptop. And the usual vast amount of books on my ereader. And some podcasts and music backed up. I am set. And will probably fall asleep so early that I'll not have time to consume all that much of them! (Time change from the time zones plus recent daylight savings time is still taking some getting used to.)


But the internet returns to my life (well, my home life in the evenings anyway) next Friday. Hopefully all will go well. Especially the installation person showing up part.


Annoyingly I've not had time to get the new laptop I want. That'll have to wait til next weekend probably. Sigh.


Meanwhile next week's excitement: navigating the bus system to the train station. The reason this has been weird is that I keep coming up with conflicting information online and on Google maps and on various apps. So it will be a week of "hmmm, I think this is where I find my bus..."