Gah, Where IS That Weekend? Life Messes With My Reading Time

So in theory I could have taken tomorrow off - people helping train me are working from home. But when did my corporeal being decide it wanted to be ill? This morning. Sigh. (Will just say it's one of those "what did I eat, argh" things and leave it at that.)


The annoying thing about being sick is when the symptoms keep you from enjoying quietly lying in bed and reading. Granted, there's not a lot of illness that's good for that, and by the time the awful symptoms are on the wane you're usually in the getting well phase. And at that point there's less excuse to read in bed. (You can tell I kinda love reading in bed, huh.)


I managed to watch a few youtube videos and to read some light news articles and gave up. Thankfully I have a lot of good history and comedy podcasts that are just enough to put my brain in happier places while I go into nap mode.


Meanwhile around all that I'm having one of those weeks where thing after thing happens - plumbing was leaking water on the floor, the bank gets fussy with my online account data and I need to go in to see them to fix it, I have to return my defective microwave, multiple other things go wrong which require phone calls, etc. And though I had all day at home, making phone calls was the last thing I felt like doing.


Ah well, at least tomorrow is Friday! At this point I think I'm hoping for a nice weekend in which nothing else happens.