Moments in Traveling Stupidity...

No, it's not a post to rant about TSA or airlines. (Kinda expected though, isn't it?)


I was so pleased with myself - I'd gotten all ready, figured out which books I'd read on my ereader (and of course there were so many already on there I didn't need to add any), gotten some of the Transformers comics on my phone to read - I was set. And then after making my way through the train/shuttle to my terminal and then the TSA fun I realized - um, where's my phone?


Pause here to image some frantic calling/texting via the "should I bother to pack this?" old cell I now use as a replacement ipod. (Also imagine a rant here about how, now that Apple's slowly giving up bothering to make separate mp3 players, no one else is bothering either. In which I grumble about wanting to listen to stuff without having to worry about saving the phone's battery for stuff like vital communication. For emergencies like "wth is my phone?!") (Er, ignore the fact that I can't call anyone if said phone is missing.)


End result: phone was living happily in the back seat of the vehicle owned by nice friends who'd dropped me at the airport. Am now somewhat bummed that I didn't have a weird ringtone that would have made them wonder what sort of creature was in their backseat. (Though it'd have been something like R2D2, because anything truly freaky would likely startle me. Because I am the person who could be startled by her own ringtone.)


So that was my book-tech-related ditzy moment of the week. And seriously such a happy ending - canceling and replacing a 4 month old cell phone would have been so much worse than not having that phone for a week.


Also typical - the thing I don't have is the thing I want to read. Not that it's kept me from reading the gazillion other books I have. Oh well, I'm back in two days.