Reading in Progress: Mort by Terry Pratchett - Ceiling Crocodile!

Mort - Terry Pratchett

I've been meaning to read Pratchett for years. In fact - as is usual for me - there's an ebook of his somewhere on my ereader this very moment. Recently, when Pratchett died, a friend said "oh really, you must read this" and gave me her copy. Which, because it is Someone Else's Book (capitalized to indicate respect!), I treat as though it's made of glass and only read it when at home, when I'm no where near food or anything else potentially damaging. If I'd been reading it as train/bus-commuting material I'd have definitely buzzed through it by now, because it's great stuff. As yes, many have told me.


Here's the quote from this book that I've waited way too long to read Pratchett.


Wait - first, for those who've probably missed it, my rambling on about The Ceiling Crocodile:


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So there, that's background.

And now on to today's quote:


p. 44 (see? I'm just poking along), Mort has entered the home of the wizard Igneous Cutwell:

"The big low room inside was dark and shadowy and smelled mainly of incense but slightly of boiled cabbage and elderly laundry and the kind of person who throws all his socks at the wall and wears the ones that don't stick. There was a large crystal ball with a crack in it, an astrolabe with several bits missing, a rather scuffed octogram on the floor, and a stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling. A stuffed alligator is absolutely standard equipment in any properly-run magical establishment. This one looked as though it hadn't enjoyed it much."

Having looked at a fair amount of drawings and photographs of ceiling crocs I can say with a small bit of authority, most don't look as though they enjoyed it. The really old ones look moth eaten at best.


Also, I know, I haven't posted much of late. I need to get back into a pattern. But the usual time that I'd write is sort of removed from me - and now after work I'm basically brain-fried and good only to watch a bit of videos before I crash. (Seriously, this is even taking time out of my video gaming. Though mostly because once I start playing I lose track of time and end up not getting enough sleep.) Hopefully I'll manage better in a few more months when I've built up some stamina.


On the plus side, I do love mass transit - it is the greatest thing for anyone who reads. Because given the choice between an hour plus car ride or the same via bus and train during which I can read - NOT a hard decision.


(Oh and if you bother to read that first linked post of mine? Pratchett quote is in it. Which I only just realized while writing this. Which is probably why Mort was so high on my I Need To Start With This Pratchett list.)