When Something You're Reading About Pops Up in the News...

Something in news I was glancing through today reminded me of the Aftermath: Remanants of War book. And typical me, I forgot to add it to the post and am now lazy and about to log off - so here you go, link and quote time:


One-Ton Bomb from WWII Temporarily Closing Osaka's Geek Street

Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku, 5/8/2015 

"...This past March, construction workers discovered the one-ton bomb in Nipponbashi, Osaka’s geek district also known as “Den-Den Town.” According to NHK, the bomb was American-made and dates from World War II. Bombs that didn’t go off are still found all over Japan." 


Oddly this is not at all the type of news site I'd look to for coverage of unexploded ordnance. ...Er, then again, who does bother to report on this? That's why I keep going on about that book - you don't hear or read about this sort of thing since it's not discussed/written about much.