In Progress: The Invisible Code, Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery

The Invisible Code (Bryant & May, #10) - Christopher Fowler

It's not a good sign that I've been picking this ebook up and putting it down for months now. It's got settings I like in London and the temptation of a plot with weird occult in modern day - only it's very little of that. So far there's not really much of the peculiar in this crime - it could be any police procedural. All the supposed weird and occult stuff doesn't seem very weird or very occult. And I'm meh about the characters. But I've not put it down permanently, so there's that.


Even though for me the most interesting bits are parts about old London and descriptions of the city, here's a small bit (39% in) that did work for me with a character who does the forensic evidence gathering:

"Something's not kosher. I tried to picture what happened. Waters invites her back to his flat, or Sabira calls on him. Women are more prone to shedding signifying evidence than men. Makeup and long hairs with traceable dyes, a wider variety of clothing materials; my missus leaves a trail of tissues and trash wherever she goes, and if opens a handbag - well, it's like Vesuvius. It might have cost her three hundred nicker at a fancy store but basically it's a dustbin with a strap. God help her if she ever tries to have an affair, I'd be on her like -"


"Dan, get to the point."


My purse it definitely a dustbin with a strap. I always need more storage space within a reasonably small size, and always manage to pack ridiculous things in there. (Currently I travel with a bird call. It's great for getting photos. And for getting cats to make odd faces.) What I really need is a Tardis purse. For the bigger on the inside part.