Currently Reading: Robots in Disguise, Vol. 4

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol. 4 - Andrew Griffith, John Barber

Ever have a book you want to read and the technology lets you down so you can't? That's me and this volume. And I keep forgetting it, getting ready to read it on my commute and dammit, it suddenly goes blank on page 40something and won't load any more. That's not the bad part - the bad part is that I want to read it and keep forgetting the damn page 40 problem and get all ready to read about the rioting and suddenly bam, blank.


Well today I actually remembered and am moving it onto my laptop so I can move on to the next two volumes. I tried to skip ahead to them and just couldn't because, argh, I want to know what happens! (Seriously, Megatron must be up to something.)


It's especially annoying when your brain is all psyched up for color and robots and comics and you suddenly don't have that and you have to go read history. Which normally I love, so it's not like that's a punishment - but, you know, sometimes that's just not the genre you're in the mood for. And I definitely have book moods. In fact I've realized that's why I have so many books I'm reading at once - sometimes things are just too serious or hard to read if you're not in the mood for them. 


Anyway, this volume is definitely going to be finished today. In hopes that vols 5 and 6 behave properly as commuting material.