Random Meme Thought!

So I've worked varied places and while I don't work directly in computer security or IT, I do end up absorbing a lot of regular lectures/advice/mandatory training/info on that security fairly regularly. (Most jobs have you do this now, right?)


Anyway, thought I should just pop in and add a heads up. 


I love question memes. I think they're fun, and I usually answer them mentally because giving out too much personal info about myself at once - even random goofy stuff - makes me feel kinda shy. Every now and then I'll post one of them if I'm in the right mood.


But, having said that...


Glance over your answers when you answer memes. Anything in there that you use as password material? Probably shouldn't add that. It's not like you've left a door unlocked - or like you're using the word password as your password (yes, people still do that, and use 12345) - but it's not bad to stop and consider your post.


Of course it's kind of archaic of me to even worry overly about it now, but it used to be that pets' or childrens' names were commonly used as passwords, and thus discouraged. A hack doesn't happen as often with someone trying to type in multiple possible passwords by guessing from personal content on your blog - that's a bit old school. Doesn't mean it won't be attempted, but there are automated methods now.


Still, doesn't hurt to double check yourself. As I've watched the Q&A trend over the decades (I've blogged since the early 90s, even before there were comments in posts! And early bloggers have always pondered privacy and security.) I've noted that people have gotten really good at only giving certain information. For instance, it's rare now to see anyone overtly write about their city (unless the population is high) and the name of the street they live on.


And now that I've apparently had to get all public service announcement on you - I'm going to blame this on being part of a multi-generation family of teachers. (Seriously, we still have the heavy hand bell one used to ring for the one room school - you can hear it for miles.) It's the sort of thing that sticks with you - for instance, I still feel the need to "bring enough to share with others" with desserts at work or I'll feel extreme guilt. *eyeroll at self*


...Oh and - you're probably just as likely to end up answering a meme that turns out to be some clever marketer gathering information. Which honestly I'd prefer over someone playing social engineering games. Which I can't help but think every time I see a question like "favorite product?" Speaking of which, every now and then I have to hunt down a box of Alpha Bits cereal. (That's a wikipedia link - I am not secretly a marketer myself I swear.) It's full of sugar and not at all healthy and I'll enjoy the box and get that weird craving out of my system. Watching cartoons while eating it is a plus.