Me + Reading + The Train = Unpredictable

There is no emoticon for self-eyeroll.


Friday evening I was on my usual commute home from work. And as usual for a Friday I was sort of out of it. I got on my train, noted the first couple of stations we passed - "ah ok, yes, on the right train" - and then proceeded to read my book. An Agatha Christie I'd read before, but I didn't remember quite how the murderers managed it. And then I lost track of time for a bit and only noticed something odd when the conductor called a stop with the word cemetery in it. And then two stops later it sinks in - there are no stops with the word cemetery in it on my usual line.


Yup, I was on the wrong train. A sneaky train that takes the same route as my color of train before it veers off to the south instead of west. Oops.


Still, it was only a matter of time before I did this for more than one stop. Because um, I have done this one other time when I overshot my morning ride by one station. And this is why I spend a lot of time making sure I choose interesting reading - but not too interesting. Apparently I really need to not read mysteries at all when commuting. For some reason I'm safer with history.


So when I finally made it home I took myself out to get a big ol' hamburger and fries. Which I then ate while reading. Because that made it perfect.