Not What I Thought I'd Be Reading This Morning...

The Doll: The Lost Short Stories - Daphne du Maurier

First I am definitely behind with some Transformers love, hopefully can manage some writing about that by the weekend. Busier couple of weeks than usual, and this week has a change in the commute time - and taking an earlier bus tomorrow, whee.

Also I've fallen into the Pillars of Eternity, which I should actually do a reading review on because it is really a video game where you read a lot, with a few breaks here and there for fighting. Lots of moments of Choose Your Own Adventure along with turn based fighting. I'm playing on easy mode and have had countless ghouls clean my team's clock. Hopefully hiring the priest is going to help some.

Second, it's time for another Reading While Commuting story! This time reading wasn't the problem itself. This time it was me forgetting my ereader. And only realizing it when I was half way to the bus stop. No problem, I thought, I'll read what's on my phone. Though I did have a brief moment of panic, like I'd left behind a vital document - or an internal organ.

I should pause here and note that in the mornings I mostly read history. We've covered that mysteries are bad for me during train rides (and cause me to lose track of what stations I've passed). For some reason history seems to start my brain up nicely but not overly absorb it. It also seems to put me in a good mood even if it's the rather grim history of, for instance, mental hospitals or shark attacks.

Which is why it's so weird that Daphne du Maurier was a bit much for me this morning. The Doll is a book of short stories, which I thought would be perfect to dip into then put down until next time. Except I forgot about how atmospheric du Maurier can be. Not to mention how good she is with unpleasant people, the uncanny, murder and madness. After reading a good hour of that I found my walk to work was much...different. Oh I was still smiling, but I could see some of the usual bits of architecture looking more ominous. And I kept wondering things like "well did he bury the body or did they find him still sitting with it and the ax?"


Not exactly what I'm used to starting my day thinking.


Note: I do read horror, though I'm into creepiness more than gore. (du Maurier is definitely in that category.) It's just that I usually don't surprise-read that genre. I like to be in the right mood. For instance, being at home during a thunderstorm is a perfect setting for that kind of read. Being in a brightly lit office and working at a computer - not really right, somehow.


Oh and you also have to like those kind of stories that don't tell you What Happens Afterwards. You know, the kind you have to mull over for hours, wondering. Not exactly morning-at-work fodder.


So I am NOT going to forget the ereader again. I have become way too spoiled by carrying hundreds of books around - I've now become addicted to playing "what book suits my mood today?"


Booklikes question: is it just me or is it impossible to edit the date and times on drafts? I just had to delete this and re-create it or it'd have shown up 30 min ago. This is the second or third time I've had this problem - may have to start trying this in another browser. (Am using Chrome.)