Book on Sale and Yes I'm Still Here!

The Lives of the Artists (Oxford World's Classics) - Giorgio Vasari, Julia Conway Bondanella, Peter Bondanella

I know, I know, eons since I've been in here, time has totally gotten away from me. Short version: really, REALLY busy with work and all other time spent in sleep and reading. (Only mild exaggeration there.)


Anyway, this was such a good sale that I thought, oh forget the long babble of what I've been up to, let's just share this with other book sale fiends.


Sadly, probably only US Amazon, but just in case, doublecheck your local site, or others that may price match:


The Lives of the Artists (Oxford World's Classics), Kindle Edition

by Giorgio Vasari, Julia Conway Bondanella (Translator)

Current price: $2.92


"...Includes: Cimabue; Giotto; Duccio; Luca della Robbia; Paolo Uccello; Ghiberti; Masaccio; Filippo Brunelleschi; Donatello; Piero della Francesca; Fra Angelico; Fra Filippo Lippi; Domenico Ghirlandaio; Sandro Botticelli; Andrea del Verrocchio; Mantegna; Leonardo da Vinci; Giorgione; Raphael; Titian; Michelangelo..."


At 600+ pages, there's a lot in there, and I can't quite tell how readable it is. I've had this on my wish list long enough to not remember why - I suspect this was back when I was looking for a bio of one of these artists (maybe Botticelli?) and couldn't find a single book.


Meanwhile there have been lots of day long sales on Hellboy comics, so keep an eye out for those too.


I'm spending Xmas here instead of with family this year (work reasons) so in theory I'll do some reviews that I've been meaning to add for forever and a day.


Oops forgot to add - so here I am buying this 600 pg book and can not fit the damn thing on my ereader because I have a bunch of read books in there that need to be added to the already read shelves in here. And if I remove them I'll forget. Major self-eyerolling.