Still Catching Up In Here

Work sometimes uses up masses more brain cells at different times of year. Well, for me anyway. And the pattern I fell into recently has absorbed all the extra brain energy such that by the time I get home I'm good for maybe a bit of video watching, maybe an hour of two of video gaming (and not one with reading or a storyline or big choices), and then bed. But then in a handful of months I'll be moving again and back to job hunting (and stress, etc.), so then I'll have time to be around in here a lot more - one of those pro/con things. (Also I'll be trying to remain calm about moving somewhere where I no longer have any friends and only a couple of casual acquaintances. I'm one of those people who find socializing to be work, so I can only manage so much when I don't know anyone around me.)


On the plus side, I read lots daily thanks to  my commute via train. (I am going to miss that SO much and whine ceaselessly, I'm afraid.) So atm I'm just needing to play catch up with all the books I've finished and add them in here - and I have no idea how many that'll end up being. Should be interesting.


So you should see me sporadically adding finished books in here for the next day or so. I'm going to admit that I'm going with the books that take up more space because again I'm full up on space on the ereader!


Randomly I did the Xmas break with family this past week (for all sorts of reasons, only partly workish), so now I'm all confused as to what day it is.