Random Weather Related Question!

Because I've only been paying attention to the weather in the two US states I've been living in in the past couple of weeks - is this weird temperature thing happening elsewhere too? For those of you living elsewhere, this means that it might be in the 30s or 50s (degrees F) early on in the morning, but then in the afternoon suddenly it's in the 70s. In Texas it was 70 degrees at 6am. Which is SO wrong. I had enough summer already, I want winter. (Mild winter, I should add, I will be equally wth if it snows 5 ft next week.)


What this means for my commute - which is why I'm having to actually think about it more than I would - is that I have to bundle up in the morning to walk about to the bus, train, etc. and then in the afternoon shed layers and carry the coat, sweater, etc. home with me.


Not to mention the humorous Star Wars sweater I bought just to amuse everyone at work (and looks like something 10 yr old me would have worn) is now too hot to wear. Dammit. (Will post photos when I do, because it's amusing. Well, I think so anyway.)