Snoopy vs The Red Baron/Christmas Bells - The Royal Guardsman


This one needs a bit of an intro. This was a song I played LOADS on a worn record player, and can't remember what else was on the lp. But it's the one song I knew of about Snoopy and the Red Baron and Christmas. Well, it's actually a follow up to this one:


Snoopy vs The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen


That's a lot less seasonal.


And of course it's weird that this is even kid material, since it's all about dogfights resulting in people dying and all. But then, I was a weird kid. And since this was filed under Novelty Records, it's not a surprise that I later stumbled upon Doctor Demento and Weird Al, and have been a fan of both. 


Wikipedia info:

The Royal Guardsmen

Snoopy's Christmas