Snoopy's Christmas Album Cover
Snoopy's Christmas Album Cover

So yesterday I shared a video of Snoopy's Christmas song that I loved as a kid. Now for the rest of the story!


Here's the album cover of the lp - pause to note how creepy Santa is there. Not that Santa is actually present in the Snoopy song, so perhaps that's the Red Baron disguised as Santa? No one knows.


I eventually wore out this record over time because yes, I was a child that would play the same song over and over. This might have been why my parents had my record player set up in the basement where they couldn't hear it. Anyway, this was a Peter Pan record, which meant that all the songs weren't actually sung by the originators of the songs - you know, music for children still does this today. The results are usually not good. This one, eh, not sooo bad as some.


Youtube links, for those who care enough to listen to this song more than once (hello there, welcome to my weirdness):


Snoopy's Christmas, Peter Pan version.


Snoopy's Christmas, Royal Guardsmen version.


Of course if you find the song annoying, the second might not be the better version? I'm seriously DELIGHTED that in New Zealand and Australia this is a song to play obnoxiously, knowing it will pester other listeners. And alas, we in the states have forgotten it. Because we're too busy pummeling listeners with Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, which I'm not going to find a youtube link for because even mentioning it put the damn thing in my head, because all of the words are in there. Though I have always loathed it. Ugh.