Because Only Other Bookfolk Will "Get" This Level Of Annoyance

So kindle had a deadline to get all the kindle software updated or by today you wouldn't be able to sync your ereader via wireless. We'll skip the bit where 1) I had no clue which generation my Paperwhite was and the descriptions for 5th and 6th gen are identical and 2) they didn't tell you how big the update was so that it took me a roundabout way to figure that the reason mine wasn't updating by wireless was because it didn't have enough memory space (too full of books). (I only found out because I started doing the manual update and then was able to see how large the downloaded update was. And then had an "ooooh, right" moment.)


So now the ARRRRGH annoyance bit.


Now that I actually look at my kindle - I'd say 50% of my collection folders are gone. I could live with that - but the one that I kept all my Currently Reading stuff in is one of them. Which, GRRRR. And there's no way to roll the dang thing back. Or easily figure out which books were in there, some of which I'd half finished.


Oh well, I'd already had to remove about 30 TBR books that I was planning to add back, which would have meant twiddling around with it anyway. I'll just mentally think of this as cleaning a bookshelf, but seriously, I have SOOOOO many other things I need to be doing. (Some like, you know, actual workplace work. Bleh.)


Aside grumble: on long list of to dos is helping mom figure out what's up with her tv cable setup, and it's one of those "the wrong button was accidentally pushed and now the tv won't turn on the usual way and we can't watch anything" problems. Seriously, figuring out each person's cable setup via different companies is insane. And I'm one of those folk who never had problems programming VCRs and was in video production field for a while, so I'm not intimidated by the boxes. Lack of manuals in meatspace and online, that is a problem.



So I have now just figured out that there is a way in the upper right (sigh) left of the screen to view things in the cloud vs on my device, and in those hundreds of collections (translation: folders with books) is my currently reading. I just have to dig through them all. So it's in there somewhere. Still, it seems really arbitrary which books they just left off vs the ones they kept. Weird. Still haven't figured this out, because it doesn't seem based on what I was recently reading. Ah well, joy of updated software.