Review: A Child Called "It"

A Child Called "It" - Dave Pelzer

This was a book lent to me, and it was by a friend who didn't want it back as she was moving. I now see this as a handy way to get rid of a book!

This book had me considering making a Sorry I Read This shelf. I can feel compassion and empathy for people who have suffered such things, but honestly I don't want to read long detailed stories about it. And especially not in first person, and not a book series encouraging me to read more. I've had a lot of friends tell me stories of things they've undergone and frankly you don't have to undergo a horrorshow of sadistic torture for it to still be called abuse and for it to still be something a child (or adult) shouldn't have to suffer though.

After hearing people and speakers talk about such things, reading this kind of book feels intrusive. And even though it's been years since I read it it left me with ugly mental images I'd rather not have in my head at all.

So now that I've read this and a few other "child abuse misery memoirs" - I'm done, I get the genre, that's enough. I don't have to read any more. I found nothing enjoyable about suffering vicariously along with the narrator. I'll take any more information in from newspapers that fact check and nonfiction that cites sources.

I'm ok if you see these as inspiring stories of survival or whatever. It's too close torture porn for me. Just very much not my cup of tea.