The Stranger

The Stranger - Albert Camus,  Matthew    Ward Here's the thing, I remember that somewhere, for some class, I was supposed to read this. And because it was at one of those times that I had to read a book a week for more than one class that this one got left by the wayside and I managed to get around talking about Camus, mainly because I'd read the introduction or something. [Helpful Note to all students: you'd be amazed at how you can manage in a discussion where you haven't completed all the reading if you 1) Learn how to listen intently and ask questions indicating you're interested (If you're a major in the field and this feels like work? Sign you need another major!)and 2) Always read scholarly introductions. Whether you agree with the author or not, you'll often learn about the themes and historical background of the work.Also 3) If you make a good faith effort to read at least the introduction and a small part of the book, and then participate in the conversation with questions, most professors are ok with you saying/confessing "I wasn't able to finish - sorry this was a multiple-book-assignment week for me - but I was curious about etc." (You're admitting you're interested in the subject enough to show up unprepared rather than skipping the class to hide - most profs are ok with this.)You can do both of the first two without acting or lying because hey, if you're an English major you will definitely find yourself with so much assigned reading that it's not humanly possible complete - at one time or another. In fact, you may find yourself constantly in that situation the closer you are to graduating. Never fear, at the end of the semester just keep the books and read them at your own pace. Because it's likely those books/authors will come up again next semester.]Happily an ebook of The Stranger is available here at Internet Archive.Book, you are downloaded and I will read you. Just not yet. You'll have to get in line. Sorry about that. Lot of classics to imbibe lately.