Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism That Changed the World - John Pilger Contents:AcknowledgementsNotes on the TextIntroduction by John PilgerMartha Gellhorn - Dachau (1945)Wilfred Burchett - The Atomic Plague (1945)Edward R. Murrow - The Menace of McCarthyism (1947-54)Jessica Mitford - The American Way of Death (1963)James Cameron - Through the Looking-Glass (1966)Seymour Hersh - The Massacre at My Lai (1970)John Pilger - Year Zero (1979)Gunter Wallraff - Lowest of the Low (Ganz unten) (1985)Brian Toohey and Marian Wilkinson - The Timor Papers (1987)Max du Preez and Jacques Pauw - Exposing Apartheid's Death Squads (1988-94)Paul Foot - The Great Lockerbie Whitewash (1989-2001)Robert Fisk - Terrorists (1990/2001)Seumas Milne - The Secret War against the Minters (1994)Amira Hass - Under Siege (1996)Phillip Knightley - The Thalidomide Scandal: Where We Went Wrong (1997)Eduardo Galeano - The Upside-Down World (1998)Anna Politkovskaya - Chechnya: A Dirty War (1999-2002)Linda Melvern - A People Betrayed (2000)Greg Palast - How to Steal the Presidency and Get Away with It (2000-1)Eric Schlosser - Fast Food Nation (2001)Mark Curtis - Complicity in a Million Deaths (2003)David Armstrong - Drafting a Plan for Global Dominance (2002)Reporting the Truth About Iraq (1998-2004)Felicity Arbuthnot - Iraq: The Unending War (1998-2004)Joy Gordon - Cool War: Economic Sanctions as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (2002)Richard Norton-Taylor - Under a False Pretext (2002-3)Robert Fisk - Another Day in the Bloody Death of Iraq (2003)Jo Wilding - Eyewitness in Falluja (2004)Edward W. Said - Covering Islam and Terrorism (1997/2002)SourcesIndex