Journalistas: 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists - Eleanor Mills, Eleanor Mills, Kira Cochrane Contents:WarEmma Goldman - The Promoters of the War Mania (March 1917)Nancy Cunard - Report from the Spanish Civil War (9 Feb 1939)Helen Kirkpatrick - On Surviving the London Blitz (9 Sept 1940)Martha Gellhorn - Dachau (1945)Marguerite Higgins - On the American Invasion of Inchon, Korea (18 Sept 1950)Mary McCarthy - Report from VietnamL I. The Home Program (20 Apr 1967)Julie Flint - Mountainsides of Hell (14 Apr 1991)Susan Sontag - Regarding the Torture of Others (23 May 2004)Home & FamilyEvelyn Sharp - The Rebel on the Hearth (4 Mar 1924)Crystal Eastman - Mother-worship (16 Mar 1927)Maddy Vegtel - Forty - when the Baby was Born (1930s)Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings - I Sing While I Cook (1930s)Eleanor Roosevelt - My Day (11 Nov 1938)Daphne Du Maurier - Letter Writing in Wartime (Sept 1940)Mary Stott - Learning to be a Widow (27 July 1968)Angela Carter - Notes from a Maternity Ward (Dec 1983)Ruth Picardie - Before I Say Goodbye (24 Aug 1997)Danielle Crittenden - AmandaBright@home (25 May 2001)Sarah Baxter - My Brave, Wounded New World (11 Nov 2001)India Knight - Thank God I Let my Baby Live (25 Apr 2004)Politics, Race & SocietyNellie Bly - Ten Days in a Madhouse (1888)Mary Heaton Vorse - The War in Passaic (17 Mar 1926)Audre Lorde - That Summer I Left Childhood was White (1982)Nancy Mitford - The English Aristocracy (Sept 1955)Elizabeth Drew - A Watergate Diary (Aug 1973)Alice Walker - The Right to Life: what can the White Man...Say to the Black Woman? (22 May 1989)Ann Leslie - Report on the Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)Erica Jong - Hillary's Husband Re-elected: the Clinton Marriage of Politics and Power (25 Nov 1996)Barbara Ehrenreich - Nickel-and-Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America (Jan 1999)Eleanor Mills - Putting Her Best Face on a Murky Business (10 Oct 1999)Melanie Phillips - Everybody Wins, and All Must Have Prizes (22 Sept 2003)Marie Colvin - The Arafat I Knew (14 Nov 2004)Emancipation & Having It AllDjuna Barnes - How it Feels to be Forcibly Fed (6 Sept 1914)Sylvia Pankhurst - Human Suffrage (18 Dec 1915)Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick - Should Married Women Work? (1924)Mary Stott - Women Talking to Men (15 Oct 1964)Joreen Freeman - The BITCH Manifesto (1971)Judy Syfers - Why I want a Wife (Dec 1971)Betty Friedan - The Women at Houston (10 Dec 1977)Erica Jong - The Post-feminist Woman - is she Perhaps More Oppressed Than Ever? (30 Dec 1984)Pauline Kael - The Feminine Mystique (19 Oct 1987)Naomi Wolf - Sex and the Sisters (20 July 2003)Christina Lamb - My Double Life: Kalashnikovs and Cupcakes (23 Jan 2005)Crime & PunishmentMartha Gellhorn - Justice at Night (Aug 1936)Rebecca West - On the Nuremburg Trials (1946)Rose Styron - Torture in Chile (20 March 1976)Anne Tyler - Trouble in the Boys' Club (30 July 1977)June Jordan - Can I get a Witness (12 Dec 1991)Gitta Sereny - On the Murder of James Bulger (30 Jan 2000)Nicci Gerrard - Holly and Jessica - we'll Never Know (21 Dec 2003)Rose George - They don't See it as Rape, They Just See it as Pleasure for Them (5 June 2004)Sex & Body ImageEmma Goldman - The Social Aspects of Birth Control (April 1916)Gladys Hall - interviews Tallulah Bankhead (Sept 1932)Joan Didion - On Self-respect (1961)Katharine Whitehorn - Sluts I (29 Dec 1963)Jill Tweedie - Feminists and the Right to be Ugly (2 Feb 1970)Jilly Cooper - If this is Sex, I'm Glad I'm English (1970s)Angela Carter - Fat is Ugly (28 Nov 1974)Erin Pizzey - Fabulously Fat (Feb 1980)Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones's Diary (9 Aug 1995)Andrea Dworkin - Through the Pain Barrier (23 April 2005)Interviews & IconsZelda Fitzgerald - What Became of the Flappers? (Oct 1925)Dorothy Parker - Poor, Immortal Isadora (14 Jan 1928)Katherine Anne Porter - Jacqueline Kennedy (March 1964)Catherine Stott - The Iron Butterfly: Helen Gurley Brown (11 April 1968)Joan Didion - Georgia O'Keeffe (1979)Camille Paglia - Diana Regina (3 Aug 1992)Lesley White - Net Prophet (12 Nov 1995)Lynn Barber - You Know, I'm Not Everybody's Cup of Tea! (15 July 2001)Julie Burchill - Slimeballs Always Hate a Strong Woman (14 Oct 2004)