Hammer, House of Horror: Behind the Screams - Howard Maxford Contents: (capitalization and lack of it as printed!)Section one: Behind the ScreamsIntroductionIn the beginningThe Exclusive YearsThe Quatermass interimFrankenstein unboundDracula has risen from the graveGory, glory daysWelcome to the sixtiesNew directionsBack to basicsSomething old, something newJurassic larksAll changeThe devil made me do itRoyal approvalA sense of deja vuBosoms, bums and busesDecline and fallLast gasps: The Phoenix risesSection two: Chronology, who's who and filmographyHammer - A film chronologyHammer - Who's whoHammer filmography and reviewsHammer on TVIndex________________Note that in 1996 this was the kind of book you had to dig up in order to research film - there wasn't a handy way of looking things up like the 'net offers now. Of course you'll notice I'm still not giving up books like this! I used to spend hours in the library shelves for horror films and one of the best things about grad school was using the excuse to buy the sorts of books I always loved reading.