Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women - Ricky Jay Contents:Introduction1. Harry Kahne: The Multiple Mental Marvel2. Procine Prophets and Pig-Faced Ladies3. Attenuation as Art: Willard, The Man Who Grows4. More Than the Sum of Their Parts: Matthew Buchinger, Sarah Biffin, and Other Anomalies of Nature...5. Blind Tom6. Max Malini: The Last of the Mountebanks7. Datas: The Man Who Knew Too Much8. Equine Amusements9. Genius or Charlatan? Walford Bodie, M.D.10. Born to a Drier Death Than Diving: Samuel Gilbert Scott and Other Daredevils11. A Few Words About Death and Show Biz: Washington Irving Bishop, J. Randall Brown, and the Origins of Modern Mind Reading12. Laroche: The Sisyphus of the Circus World13. Arthur Lloyd: The Humorous Card Index14. Enterology: Getting into Boxes, Bottles, and Trouble with Seamus Burke and Others15. Incombustible Men and Fireproof Women16. Stones, Swords, Snakes, and Other Entrees17. Le Petomane: The EndFor the CuriousAcknowledgmentsIndex