Great Tales of Science Fiction - Robert Silverberg, Martin H. Greenberg Contents:Mellonta Tauta - Edgar Allan PoeIn the Year 2889 - Jules VerneSold to Satan - Mark TwainThe New Accelerator - H.G. WellsFinis - Frank Lillie PollackAs Easy as A.B.C. - Rudyard KiplingDark Lot of One Saul - M.P. ShielR.U.R. - Karel CapekThe Tissue-Culture King - Julian HuxleyThe Metal Man - Jack WilliamsonThe Gostak and the Doshes - Miles J. BreuerAlas, All Thinking - Harry BatesThe Mad Moon - Stanley G. WeinbaumAs Never Was - P. Schuyler MillerDesertion - Clifford D. SimakThe Strange Case of John Kingman - Murray LeinsterMisbegotten Missionary - Isaac AsimovDune Roller - Julian MayWarm - Robert SheckleyA Bad Day for Sales - Fritz LeiberMan of Parts - H.L. GoldThe Man Who Came Early - Poul AndersonThe Burning of the Brain - Cordwainer SmithThe Men Who Murdered Mohammed - Alfred BesterThe Man Who Lost The Sea - Theodore SturgeonGoodlife - Fred SaberhagenThe Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World - Philip Jose FarmerGehenna - Barry N. MalzbergA Meeting With Medusa - Arthur C. ClarkePainwise - James Tiptree Jr.Nobody's Home - Joanna RussThink Only This of Me - Michael KurlandCapricorn Games - Robert SilverbergThe Author of the Acacia Seeds and Other Extracts From the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics - Ursula K. Le GuinDoing Lennon - Gregory Benford