Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist - Diana Lindsay From the cover bookflap (which is a completely weird word, come to think of it):"In ten short years, with no previous art training, Ricardo Breceda has become a renowned metal sculptor. Until a few years ago this gifted artist was an injured construction worker and a boot salesman. It wasn't until an accident that Ricardo discovered his hidden talent. That, combined with his entrepreneurial skills, prepared him to take advantage of fresh opportunities. His new-found passion led him to always declare that the "next" sculpture will be the best. And indeed, each new sculpture becomes "the best" under his stunning craftsmanship. Inspired by science, history, nature, whim, and fantasy, the Borrego Valley sculptures have become a tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the land and around the world. For the first time, Ricardo Breceda's unusual story is told, and his artistry is documented in splendid color."We just returned from a trip to Borrego Springs, CA, specifically to see Breceda's statues which are scattered throughout the area. There were many, many more than I realized, even having read multiple articles ahead of time. And I had so many questions about how they were made and the artist that I pounced on this book when I found it in the park's visitor center. (That's Anza-Borrego State Park.)[As soon as I read this book and upload my photos I'll finish this! It's the kind of book that really requires photos, as the sculptures are such fun.]