Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense by Laurence Perrine (1978)

Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense - Laurence Perrine

I originally snagged this from my father who was ready to cart it off to the used bookstore - he'd used it when teaching high school decades ago. I had this idea that I'd make some book art out of it, because I was certain there'd be nothing in it that would appeal to me.


But of course I decided to read it before getting out the scissors, and that's when I discovered the short story Two Bottles of Relish by Lord Dunsany. I'm not a huge fan of Dunsany, but nothing else I've read of his reads quite like this one. And it's apparently a bit hard to track down (not the play, that seems to be all over the place). So now I must hang on to the book.Somehow I'm not terribly upset.