Eros and Modernization: Sylvester Graham, Health Reform, and the Origins of Victorian Sexuality in America by Jayme A. Sokolow

Eros And Modernization: Sylvester Graham, Health Reform, And The Origins Of Victorian Sexuality In America - Jayme A. Sokolow

History behind the book: it was a work that plagiarized the previously published scholarship of Stephen W. Nissenbaum, as documented in the 1991 book Stolen Words: Forays Into the Origins and Ravages of Plagiarism.


Article about the issue online here:


A memorable case of plagiarism has its roots in New Jersey

Warren Boroson, New Jersey, 26 July 2010

"..."Eventually the matter wound up before the American Association of University Professors, and the result was that "errata slips" were included in copies of the book still not distributed – slips that included numerous footnotes giving credit to Nissenbaum's publications."