Meeting of Minds : The Complete Scripts, With Illustrations, of the Amazingly Successful PBS-TV Series - Series III - Steve Allen There are 4 volumes of this series of Meeting of the Minds books. Each has the scripts for multiple shows.Meeting of Minds links: Wikipedia, Steve Allen's website, Youtube videosIn this volume:Series IIIScripts of the following shows:Show # 13Cast: St. Augustine of Hippo, The Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire, Thomas Jefferson, Bertrand RussellShow # 14Cast: same as Show # 13Show # 15Cast: Aristotle, Niccolo Machiavelli, Elizabeth Barret Browning, Sun Yat-SenShow # 16Cast: same as Show # 15Show # 17Cast: William Shakespeare and others: Woman, Hamlet, Romeo, Ghost of Hamlet's Father, Othello, IagoShow # 18Cast: same as Show # 17I had a history class in high school where our teacher showed us an episode of Meeting of Minds then had us research and write a historical biography, then appear together in groups of 3 as that person for a class presentation. So not only did we have to learn our chosen historical character's background, but we then had to react to other historical characters as that person (no costumes, as we already had enough prep time taken up with the research paper). I was Mary, Queen of Scots, and I remember having a discussion with Michelangelo, but can't remember who was our third person. Anyway, it was a really great exercise in creative thinking, and I loved it - along with Allen's concept of time traveling to have conversations with historical characters.I'd watched Show 15 and 16 (yay local PBS) and that was the first time I'd heard anything of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's life story, which was fascinating.