Monarchy and Matrimony: The Courtships of Elizabeth I - Susan Doran This is a book I would truly love to read. However. Currently (Aug 17, 2013) on Amazon the prices are:Ebook:Digital List Price: $136.00Rent From: $31.94 Buy Price: $99.06Hardback: Amazon: $104.27 Used: from $40 to $80 Publisher: Routledge (November 1, 2002)File Size: 993 KBPrint Length: 292 pagesJust judging by that price I'm going to assume that this is on some university reading list and that's why the prices are so horrible. I've ranted about this before elsewhere, but it bears repeating that there are many books that publishers may assume are only going to appeal to academics but that may appeal to a percentage of folk outside of that group. You know, like former academics or folk who just enjoy reading history.So I'll look for this one only at a library, sadly. At those prices I'm going to assume that it's not likely to turn up at a reasonable price at a used book store either.