Revealing New Worlds: Three Victorian Women Naturalists - Suzan Sheffield "Victorian women certainly recognised that male naturalists were not always willing to welcome them warmly into their inner sanctum of scientific work honour and prestige. Moreover, they recognised the existence of a more general social stigma that thwarted any woman's participation in intellectual endeavours. However, their fascination with algology, botany and entomology led Margaret Gatty, Marianne North and Eleanor Ormerod to reach beyond acceptable gendered roles, to undertake field work, to paint, write, popularize, experiment and discover."That's the blurb on the Amazon page. Problem is that it's selling for $167.23 (as of today 04/10/2012) which is a little unrealistic. Also sad, because this is a book I'd like to read, and I have a feeling it's going to be difficult to find in libraries as well.