Black Spirits and White - A Book of Ghost Stories - Ralph Adams Cram This is a collection of six short stories (found here at Gutenberg):No. 252 Rue M. Le PrinceA night spent in a haunted/cursed Paris home.In Kropfsberg KeepA night spent in a haunted German castle.The White VillaMissing a train means spending the night in an old Italian villa.Sister MaddelenaIn Sicily a nun's ghost seeks rest.Notre Dame Des EauxA picturesque church and a madman.The Dead ValleyExactly what the title says.The stories are old fashioned and interesting - not the best short stories of the era that I've read, and I waffled between two and three stars on this. Still, very well worth a read. I think the Dead Valley has been anthologized elsewhere because I feel sure I've read it before.