Architectural Follies in America - Gwyn Headley I enjoyed reading this book, but at the same the author drove me insane. Headley would hop from topic to topic without clear or easy transitions - which was jarring. There are instances where he would set out to find a particular folly and then couldn't. And so you'd get no more information. He definitely consulted resources to start his hunt, but then doesn't list them in the back - we're lucky if he decides to let you know of it in the text.But for all that I did enjoy reading the book, because I love the subject. I just found it more satisfying to read while next to my computer so that I could google the names of specific follies and find out more information and if they were still in existence. If I didn't have that alternate information I think I probably would have been much more frustrated with the book.So the stars are given more for my personal interest in the topic than for my appreciation of Headley's book/research/writing.