Seriously, I Will Get Around to Adding Everyone

As soon as Booklikes system starts responding a little faster I'll get around to adding more of you who are following! Currently it's taking a bit long to click, wait to load, mutter at the Follow button that's taking it's own sweet time appearing in the upper right corner, then click and - well, apparently I have the patience of a gnat these days.


Anyway I'm also assuming that the system is being given a real workout with all the new users and the influx of data. I'll be using it more in the days ahead when things speed up a bit.


And because this does not seem nearly amusing enough to be worth reading just for that bit - here's a screenshot from my tumblr where I note that the artistic house/shed photo on the left looks eerily like the face of the alien from 1953's War of the Worlds.



Because that's the kind of weird thing I'll continue to think about for several hours. (Because if that is a giant alien head, what would happen to those who'd enter, unaware of the potential danger? Unless it's not the head but the skull.) (Welcome to my internal dialog!)


[Sources: jpg via screenshot of The Doctor's Model Mansion, specifically this post, from War of the Worlds (1953).House from the uber long set of lovely photos that I reshared here but can't seem to find a single photographer to reference. And yes, I'm one of those odd people on tumblr who like to cite where I got images. I'm weird that way.]