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It has been so many years since I've fiddled with css that I'm not even going to try and count (the earth had cooled, and the dinosaurs were frolicking). I'm one who's really used to twiddling with plain html, and in comparison css code has always been kind of a pain to deal with. I have screwed up many a webpage by twiddling with code and then not having a backup to reset the thing to.


Tip #1 - always cut and paste a copy of the original code before you begin messing about with anything. Save it to a document on your desktop. Because that way you can always use that code to restore everything if you create something hideous - and then you can start twiddling with the code again. Let's just say I learned this the hard way.


Thankfully other users have foreseen many questions and so there are already some tutorials for css customization on Booklikes. I am wildly relieved.


Credit to Anna Lund (GR / BookLikes) for sharing this link over on the GR Everything Booklikes group.


j4n3m3/Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut? also has a two part tutorial (linked on the sidebar of his blog) about using the stylebot addon to Chrome to edit code, which I'm now curious to try.


From this point on it's Reblog of j4n3m3's post:


There are quite a few tutorials on how to change the layout of your BookLikes blog. I figured it's good to have them all in one post, and I'd like to thank all who put a lot of work into making them so others can enjoy BookLikes. 


Let's start with the customization blogs posted by BookLikes: 




Tutorials made by BookLikers for BookLikers: 





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