Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen - Hans Christian Andersen There are a LOT of versions of Andersen's collected fairy tales - I had no idea when I first started on this. Kindle has it here. Or try the same version here on Gutenberg. I may have miscounted but I think there are about 127 stories in this collection.This should be interesting in that I've only read the very popular Andersen fairy tales, and not anything more. So most of these stories will be completely new to me. I'm also ready to pick this up and set it aside at times, because from what I remember of Andersen a lot of the stories will be sweet but also very sad. Or at least that's how they always struck me before. Reading through a lot of depressing stories at once might be a bit difficult - so it may take me a while to read all of this.[As always, when this is on the Currently Reading shelf I'm not done and will continue adding bits to this review. And it will continue to pop up again and again in your updates feed when I forget to uncheck that "add to my updates" box. (Sorry 'bout that.) Also I may start off saying something about a book and then change my mind before I get to the end - and then I'll edit this. So until I remove this blurb take none of this as final!]The contents, in order:A StoryBy the Almshouse WindowThe AngelAnne LisbethThe Conceited Apple-branchBeauty of Form and Beauty of MindThe Beetle who went on his TravelsThe BellThe Bell-deepThe Bird of Popular SongThe Bishop of Borglum and his WarriorsThe Bottle NeckThe BuckwheatThe ButterflyA Cheerful TemperThe Child in the GraveChildren's PrattleThe Farm-yard Cock and the Weather-cockThe DaisyThe Darning-NeedleDelaying is not ForgettingThe Drop of WaterThe DryadJack the DullardThe Dumb BookThe Elf of the RoseThe Elfin HillThe Emperor's New SuitThe Fir TreeThe FlaxThe Flying TrunkThe Shepherd's Story of the Bond of FriendshipThe Girl Who Trod on the LoafThe Goblin and the HucksterThe Golden TreasureThe Goloshes of FortuneShe was Good for NothingGrandmotherA Great GriefThe Happy FamilyA Leaf from HeavenHolger DanskeIb and Little ChristinaThe Ice MaidenThe Jewish MaidenThe JumperThe Last Dream of the Old OakThe Last PearlLittle Claus and Big ClausThe Little Elder-tree MotherLittle Ida's FlowersThe Little Match-sellerThe Little MermaidLittle Tiny or ThumbelinaLittle TukThe Loveliest Rose in the WorldThe Mail-coach PassengersThe Marsh King's DaughterThe Metal PigThe Money-boxWhat the Moon SawThe Neighbouring FamiliesThe NightingaleThere is no Doubt about itIn the NurseryThe Old Bachelor's NightcapThe Old Church BellThe Old Grave-stoneThe Old HouseWhat the Old Man Does is Always RightThe Old Street LampOle-Luk-Oie, the Dream GodOle the Tower-keeperOur AuntThe Garden of ParadiseThe Pea BlossomThe Pen and the InkstandThe Philosopher's StoneThe Phoenix BirdThe Portuguese DuckThe Porter's SonPoultry Meg's FamilyThe Princess and the PeaThe PsycheThe Puppet-show ManThe RacesThe Red ShoesEverything in the Right PlaceA Rose from Homer's GraveThe Snail and the Rose-treeA Story from the Sand-hillsThe Saucy BoyThe ShadowThe Shepherdess and the SheepThe Silver ShillingThe Shirt-collarThe Snow ManThe Snow QueenThe SnowdropSomethingSoup from a Sausage SkewerThe StorksThe Storm Shakes the ShieldThe Story of a MotherThe Sunbeam and the CaptiveThe Swan's NestThe SwineherdThe Thistle's ExperiencesThe Thorny Road of HonorIn a Thousand YearsThe Brave Tin SoldierThe Tinder-boxThe ToadThe Top and BallThe Travelling CompanionTwo BrothersTwo MaidensThe Ugly DucklingUnder the Willow TreeIn the Uttermost Parts of the SeaWhat One Can InventThe Wicked PrinceThe Wild SwansThe Will-o-the-Wisp in the Town, Says the Wild WomanThe Story of the WindThe WindmillThe Story of the Year