I count this as one stack. Kind of.
I count this as one stack. Kind of.

Currently I'm packing up my books. Or at least preparing to pack. Since it's not set in stone how long they'll be in storage (along with other stuff) I'm relying on online book lists (Booklikes, GR) to keep track of what I have. And to people who might wonder why I'd need this - in going through my books I've found at least two books I've bought twice. One had a different cover, but the other one was exactly the same - I just didn't remember. This is why being able to check my list on a phone app really matters.


Anyway, I'm cataloging and then will start packing.Which made it great timing that Booklikes came out with a way to set up Exclusive Shelves. I started by naming two shelves Ebooks Owned Unread and Paper Books Owned Unread - but then I began to dislike that. Yes I have a LOT of books to read, and damn those cheap book sales. (And I immediately began to argue with myself that a lot on that ebook list is free/gutenberg.) To stop me from lecturing myself on my book habits, I named them Waiting for Reading. Less why-haven't-you-read guilt involved.


This time I'm going to put silica packs in most of the boxes, not that I know I'll need them but it was a good tip I picked up from a How To Pack Books page. The other thing I remember - use smaller boxes when at all possible. Otherwise they will be really, really heavy. (I will have movers, thankfully.)


Of course I know no matter how things go, there will come a time when I will wish I could put my hands on one of the books that will be in storage. That's why I'm trying to only read paper atm, and save all my ebook reading. In hope that will keep the "oh damn, that's packed" moment from happening. (I'm probably doomed.)


But! If anyone out there has any storage and/or book moving tips, do send them along!