Booklikes: If That Link Had Been Vermicious Knid, It Would Have Taken Off My Nose

I have to say I love the reblogs of the tutorials, those have been insanely helpful. (If you haven't seen MandyM's list, check it out.)  What's sad is the tips that have me seriously /facepalming because

1) the answer is easy and

2) I'd been trying to figure how to do that.

I mean, I have managed to twiddle with the CSS and html so far, but I needed help to see - well, I'll just post the examples!


Question: Where are my Draft blog entries after I hit Save As Draft?

Answer: Next to Dashboard, click the Blog option. Then scroll down and in your right hand column under what you're Currently Reading are the options/links All Posts and Drafts. (I forget who clued me in to that, but thank you!)


Question 2: Can I just read everyone's book reviews and skip the rest?

Answer: This time go into Dashboard. Now scroll down and look in the same area you found All Posts/Drafts - in Dashboard you'll see All Posts and Reviews. (And props to krazykiwi for pointing this out, because I had missed it entirely!)



Thing I Still Can't Find (A Plea for Advice!):

I'd love to be able to look at a book and view everyone's reviews on it - folks I'm following and those I'm not. Or at least some way of easily finding those reviews without searching though all the blog posts, tags, etc. For me it's the user reviews of particular books that often make the difference between me hitting the buy button and putting it on my wish list.


I've been assuming that this option isn't available. But I'm asking just in case this is something that's sitting in front of me and I'm not seeing. If anyone has any work-arounds on how they're managing to find others' reviews for specific books - please let me know! Even if it's just a tip for how you searching on the blogs.