Review(ish): The Story of a Happy Witch

The story of a happy witch (A Lancer contempora book) - Debbie Sherwood

This is less of a review than a pause for me to wonder where I got this book. (Am currently sorting through all my old books.) It was either from a used book sale or it was one being passed around by a group of us ages ago at college.


I don't really have time to read it (because I can't remember the content, except that it's a biography), but I'll add the table of contents to give you an idea.




I. How Witchcraft Puts Fun in My Life and Life in My Fun

II. My Aunt the Fortune Teller and Other Childhood Memories

III. How to Cast Spells Without Sex and Sex Without Spells

IV. The Hex Life of a Hollywood Starlet

V. The Werewolf in Angel's Clothing

VI. I Studied to Be a Witch at N.Y.U.

VII. A Square in the Magic Circle

VIII. What I Learned About Voodoo in Haiti

IX. How Not to Put a Curse on Your Landlord

X. The Past in My Past

XI. The Ghost in my Garret

XII. The Ouija Talks Back

XIII. How You Can Have a More Fulfilling Hex Life

Glossary of Witch Words



From the back of the book:


"The Happy Hexers

Do you think all witches are snaggle-toothed old hags? Take another look around you - and wake up to the real world. That beautiful blonde in the apartment next door, the sweet little brunette who sits at the next desk, the with-it gal swinging along the street - any one of them could be a witch. For witchery today has nothing at all to do with old fashioned mumbo jumbo and evil spells - just ask Debbie Sherwood. You too can win the guy you most want, talk the boss into that overdue raise, go all the places and do all the things you've been dreaming about! The power is already within you - you too can be a witch!"


--From that bit it shouldn't surprise you that the date on this is 1973.